CM Punk On Off The Record On TSN: Punk Comments On Chael Sonnen Wanting To Fight Him, Nate Diaz Issuing A Challenge, Why Is He Comfortable Saying He Will Never Go Back To WWE?

brie modeFormer WWE Superstar and new UFC signee CM Punk appeared on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg, last night, and you can see and read some highlights:

Landsberg started by asking Punk if he’s been punched in the face, and Punk says yes, and it sucks. They talked about his new entry into a UFC career, and Punk says he doesn’t think Nate Diaz called him out, and still respects him and is a fan. 

Landsberg says he thinks Dana White is protecting CM Punk by having him fight someone with the same level of experience, but Punk says he will fight anyone around with proper time to prepare and for the right price, even if it might not be the smartest move. 

Punk says there is no truth to Chael Sonnen challenging him, and it was just “Chael being Chael”. Punk says the whole thing started when he asked Sonnen to coach him or be in his corner, and Sonnen took it to a new level. 

Punk says he can’t say for sure he’s never going back [to WWE] but he has no desire to go back, nor does he think WWE desires him back, either. He says having a different career has allowed his relationship with his wife, WWE Diva AJ Lee, to get stronger. 

Punk says he just wants to move on from his WWE past and concentrate on his UFC career, and Landsberg asks if his questions have pissed Punk off. Punk says he’s there to talk about UFC, and Landsberg may have made it a bit wrestling heavy, then he slams Landsberg because he thinks he’s “hot shit”. 

You can watch highlights from the interview by clicking here, or in the player below: