Rampage Jackson Moved to TNA Alumni Section Following UFC Signing; Another Former Champion Released?

quinton_jackson.JPGAs the launch of Impact Wrestling on Destination America approaches, the official TNA website has been updating its roster page. 

Former “TNA Global Champion” Rob Terry has been moved to the alumni section. Terry has been working for TNA off and on since 2009, and has been a part of both the Immortal faction, and the British Invasion. In August of 2014 he re-debuted as “The Freak”, a part of Knux’s carny-inspired stable called The Menagerie. 

Terry has no mention of TNA in his Twitter profiles (other than the word “impact” which is still ambiguous enough not to lose your verified status over), so it may be as simple as not receiving a new contract after many of the mid-card deals expired after Bound for Glory in 2014. 

Interestingly, while Bellator MMA fighter King Mo remains on the current roster list, Rampage Jackson has also been moved to the alumni section. Rampage recently made headlines by re-signing a contract with the UFC, claiming that Bellator had breached their deal by not providing adequate pay-per-view numbers. It appears that his move back to the UFC may have solidified his removal from the TNA roster, although it’s worth noting that neither has appeared on any wrestling show since last summer.