Two Former WWE Divas Ignite Massive Twitter War; Nude Photo Posted, Shots Fired at 2008 Ashley Massaro Escort Scandal

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro and Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch have gotten incredibly personal in their latest Twitter feud. It seemingly began Monday with this unprovoked slam… 

“…has a history in that field” is how that one ends. This afternoon, the 2009 Divas Search winner went off in response. 

“I find it hilarious that Sunny is talking trash” Ashley tweeted out. “I work, love my fans, my life, my job. She sells herself to fans! … I honestly thought [Sunny] and I had squashed the drama – IDK why she decided to trash me again here.”

In her response, Massaro attached a nude photo of Sunny, one of many that have been making their way around the internet from her nightly Skype sessions with paying fans. The photo is a bit too explicit to feature here on Wrestlezone, but if you’re curious enough you can check out Ashley’s official Twitter account

Back in 2008, a Rolling Stones article covered a high-end escort service that would hire out models and porn stars to wealthy clients at $25,000 per night. The group was busted by the FBI, with an Ashley Massaro photo listed among the ranks, claiming to be a WWE Diva and Playboy model.