WWE NXT Results (1/14) – Balor vs Kidd, Dempsey vs Corbin, Zayn Defends Against Neville!

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WWE NXT Results

January 14th 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Finn Balor vs Tyson Kidd

Balor hits an immediate dropkick before he heads up top, then Kidd bails outside and Balor gives chase and rolls him back in the ring. Kidd rolls out the other side so Balor follows him again, but Kidd slams him into the barricade and kicks him a few times. Kidd rolls him inside and hits a legdrop, then he taunts Balor a bit and hits a neckbreaker. Kidd applies a side headlock before he puts Balor in tree of woe position, then he stomps Balor a few times before Balor kicks him in the face. Balor hits a reverse bulldog and an enziguri, then Kidd falls outside so Balor hits a suicide dive on the ramp. Kidd connects with a kick to the head, then he hits a springboard elbow drop for two before he applies a Sharpshooter. Balor gets to the ropes to break, then he pulls Kidd through the ropes and hits an inverted elevated DDT (Bloody Sunday), followed by a top rope diving kick to the head for the win. 

Winner – Finn Balor 

Devin Taylor is backstage with Bull Dempsey, who says Baron Corbin isn’t the only one undefeated in the next match, and it’s going to be a short fight. He says he is the last of a dying breed, and all Corbin will hear at the end of it is “Bull! Bull! Bull!”. 

Bull Dempsey vs Baron Corbin 

Baron goes right after Bull and they trade punches on the floor, then Baron slams his head on the mat and rolls him back in. Bull kicks him a few times before he hits a running splash, then he heads up top but Baron rolls away from a diving headbutt and hits End of Days for the win. 

Winner – Baron Corbin

BP: I don’t watch NXT every week, but I do know they’ve been teasing this feud match for a while. I expected a little bit more of a match, but this just made Baron look like a big force.