Big Update on Two Former Wrestlers Filing Concussion Suit Against WWE; Accuse the Company of “Selling Violence”

wweAs we previously reported, former WWE Superstar Vito LoGrasso (aka Big Vito) and recent developmental talent Evan Singleton (aka Adam Mercer) have filed a potential class-action lawsuit against the WWE for “ignoring concussions” and the mistreatment of wrestlers that led to “long-term irreversible bodily damage”. 

According to the Associated Press, Singleton is now disabled due to “brain trauma”, and Big Vito “suffers from migraines, memory loss, depression and deafness”. The lawsuit also claims that the later spent “nearly a decade” with WWE, despite only being in the company for two stints over four years. 

Wrestling legend Billy Jack Haynes opened the door for this in 2014, after seeking more than $5 million from WWE and blaming them for contracting Hepatitis C. His lawyer – the same man representing Lagrasso and Singleton – appealed for class-action status to involve other wrestlers in their cause, and to force the company to open a medical fund for former talents. 

ESPN picked up on the story, and compares this case to the ongoing suit by former NFL stars, which could cost the organizing billions of dollars in settlements for concussions and other long-term brain damage.