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Steve Austin Triple H Interview – Detailed Transcript: Reigns vs. Bryan, Kayfabe is Dead, Chyna in the HOF?, CM Punk’s Communication Issues, More

Report by Mike Killam for

-“Stone Cold” Steve Austin introduces Triple H and they put over all the things you can watch on the WWE Network this month for free. 


Austin: “It’s almost like kayfabe has died. Back in the day you would watch the product in the ring, and whatever happened in the ring that’s where you got your heat or your satisfaction from. Now if the story doesn’t go the way people want, they’re mad behind the scenes at the writers.”  

Triple H: “Times changed. Just telling a story and people accepting that storyline for what it is, as a storyline, is gone. A large portion of your audience just buys into that. Another large portion of your audience – they know everything that goes on every five minutes of every day. They know more about what’s happening sometimes than we do. And I think you get to a point where they just want to go the opposite direction. They want to see a certain thing, or they think a certain type of thing is what works.”