Update on Cesaro Tyson Kidd Brass Ring Club Name, WWE Stock, Latest “I’m with Spud” Video & Xplosion Match

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Update on Cesaro Tyson Kidd Brass Ring Club Name

As we recently reported, the new Cesaro Tyson Kidd tag team, which includes Adam Rose, have been coming up with new ideas for themselves as a team, and one idea included Brass Ring Club t-shirts.

The Brass Ring Club name is a play off both Vince McMahon’s “brass ring” remark and New Japan’s Bullet Club faction. WWE officials reportedly told Cesaro and Kidd to come up with tag team ideas, and they thought the brass ring club idea was clever, so it’s possible the gimmick could stick around.

WWE Stock

WWE stock was up 0.73% today, closing at $12.50 per share. Today’s high was $12.78 and the low was $12.32.

“I’m with Spud” and Xplosion

The following are the latest editions of “I’m with Spud” featuring Rockstar Spud, and Xplosion, also featuring Spud: