Dolph Ziggler Comments on His WM31 Status & Possibly Facing Daniel Bryan, TNA & AAA Negotiating Again?, TNA TV Taping Tonight

Dolph Ziggler Comments on His WrestleMania 31 Status

Dolph ZigglerDuring today’s WWE press conference in Abu Dhabi, Dolph Ziggler had the following to say regarding his WrestleMania 31 status:

“We have to see how Fastlane goes. There are so many things up in the air right now. I threw out an idea to face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania because I thought he could have had a better showing at the Royal Rumble, as I thought I should have. We didn’t do our best, I’m rooting for him to get that main event at WrestleMania and also for Roman [Reigns] and see how it plays out. If there is an opening for someone I will be the first to challenge someone.”

TNA TV Taping Tonight

TNA will be taping a full night of Xplosion matches from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

In related news, The Wrestling Observer reports TNA’s Bob Ryder recently reached out to AAA in Mexico as TNA is once again interested in a talent exchange with the promotion. TNA is looking for a few top Hispanic stars, which is why they are looking at AAA’s talent pool.