Cassandra Frazier, Widow of Former WWE Star Big Daddy V, Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against WWE

big daddy vIrv Muchnick of Concussion Inc is reporting Cassandra Frazier, widow of former WWE star Nelson Frazier, Jr, aka Big Daddy V, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE.

The full 124 page lawsuit can be read at this link in PDF form, and it mentions Chris Benoit’s death and also references comments made by CM Punk on Colt Cabana’s podcast, labeling WWE’s concussion policies “BS.”

Cassandra is arguing her husband Nelson died as a result of injuries he sustained throughout his career in WWE. She alleges WWE’s wrongful conduct aided long-term consequences for Nelson Frazier including concussions and “serious, permanent, and disabling injuries” throughout his WWE career.

Additionally, Cassandra is accusing WWE of withholding both medical information about Nelson and improperly warning talents of the risk involved in being a WWE performer.

The lawsuit claims Nelson had large knots on his head due to scar tissue forming on his skull into permanent lumps. Additionally, he had evidenced indentations to his skull. The suit adds Frazier had severe symptoms of neurological injuries and other physical trauma before he passed away, including severe migraines that he sought medical attention for. “Frazier had sustained serious longterm brain damage from his WWE career. Frazier’s broken spirit and body left him virtually penniless, and he was forced to pay cash for medical services in the months before his death,” the suit notes.

The total list of claims made in Cassandra Nelson’s lawsuit are as follows:


-negligent misrepresentation

-intentional misrepresentation

-fraudulent concealment

-vicarious liability

-fraud by omission or failure to warn

-punitive damages

-wrongful death

-loss of consortium by herself