Yet Another Letter Written to WWE Accusing Bill DeMott of Abusing Talents, Current TNA Star & More Comment

wweEarlier today we reported on former WWE developmental talent Judas Devlin and the letter he wrote to WWE Talent Relations, expressing his corners about head trainer Bill DeMott. 

Now, a second letter from developmental talent Ryan Collins has come out backing up Devlin’s claims. You can read the full letter on The Sports Courier’s official Facebook page, but below are a few key segments: 

“As I was sitting on the table, she examined my eyes and reaction time. Eventually Coach DeMott came in asking what happened. I told him the story of how everything happened, he then accused me of making things worse. Which is not uncommon as Coach DeMott gets angry and standoffish at any sign of injury. The main part of this story that angers me is that as he was leaving the trainers room, Coach DeMott slapped me on top of the head. This really angered me as I don’t believe he has right to put hands on anyone especially like that. I was lucky that my head injury wasn’t too serious. His negligence in this situation could have worsened my injury.” 

“I have also grown very tired of how Coach DeMott has constantly bullied us. Whether by physically hitting us, or by calling us gay. He has on numerous occasions alluded to me being gay. His favorite phrase is “half a sissy” not to mention him calling me and others ‘faggots’…”

“I have also witnessed Coach DeMott try to rip a t-shirt off Alexander Rusev, shortly after he had neck surgery. He has on numerous occasions called Oliver Grey (Joel Pettyfer) Pedophile, smacked Enzo Amore (Eric Arndt) in the mouth. He has also told Enzo to kill himself on atleast one occassion that I heard with my own ears.” 

Kevin Matthews, who has spoken out numerous times against DeMott over the years, has been railing against WWE and Triple H all day long on Twitter. Current and former TNA stars have even come out about the issue.