WWE Veteran Comments on Bill DeMott Controversy, NXT Commentator Returning to Action Next Week

Holly Comments on Bill DeMott

Former WWE Superstar and 6-time Hardcore Champion Bob Holly commented on the recent drama unfolding with WWE head trainer Bill DeMott. 

Alex Riley Returning to Action

As seen on tonight’s episode of WWE NXT, Alex Riley will be giving up his career as a commentator to return to the ring. Hwill face off against CJ Parker on next week’s show, as a part of his bigger program with NXT Champion Kevin Owens. 

After nearly three years in developmental, Riley made his debut on the second season of the NXT reality series, along with fellow rookies Michael McGillicutty (aka Curtis Axel), Husky Harris (aka Bray Wyatt), Titus O’Neil and Kaval (aka Low Ki). He spent several years working on the WWE main roster, first as the protege of The Miz and later as a singles competitor, before transitioning into a commentary role for Superstars and Main Event.