Speculation on The Rock Making WWE Related Announcement, Full List of New Interview Content Included in Upcoming Daniel Bryan DVD

The Rock Making WWE Announcement?

the rockAs noted, WWE is promoting The Rock hosting SNL this week as part of their WrestleMania 31 week superstar TV appearances, so there has been speculation that The Rock might be making some type of WWE related announcement soon.

The Rock SNL hosting gig is booked to promote “Furious 7”, however it’s interesting that WWE decided to include it in its WrestleMania week promotion.

Daniel Bryan DVD Interview Content

WWE will be releasing the “Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!” DVD on June 2nd, and WrestlingDVDNews.com is reporting there will be new interview segments airing in between documentary and match footage. The interview segments are as follows:

* Fired

* NXT Troubles

* Yes / No ?

* Money in the Bank Winner

* Giant YES!

* School of Wrestling

* King of the Indy’s

* B-Plus Player

* Extra List

* Memphis Developmental

* The YES Movement

* Great Moment / Short Reign

* Brie

* The Wyatt Family’s Newest Member

* Getting Signed

* Just A Dude

* Daniel talks to Miz

* Stigma

* What’s Next??

* The Beard

* He Gave Me A Lot

* Borderline Insulting

* Team Hell No

* Victory, Injury, & Recovery

* Book of Yes

* Redemption Match

* The Proposal

* Charisma

* Champion

* Anarchist

* Mentor