Goldberg Talks GLORY Kickboxing, Says He May Fight In 2015, Why Did He Turn Down A Match With Alberto El Patron?

Bill GoldbergFormer WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg recently sat down for an interview with Steven Muehlhausen of Sporting News to promote GLORY Kickboxing. 

Goldberg talked about his interest in the promotion, the possibility he fights this year, turning down a fight with current Lucha Underground and AAA star Alberto El Patron, and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Goldberg Talks GLORY Kickboxing, Possibly Fighting This Year: 

“In 2015, there’s a distinct possibility (fighting for GLORY). I’ve been training three to six days a week since September. If everything aligns to where I believe its the best business decision for first and foremost, myself because there’s a lot riding on Goldberg and his legacy. Although I personally believe I can distance myself from that because I’m doing this out of pure passion. I’m not doing it for any other reason. I put a lot of work in. I think it would be kind of cool for people to see me display what I’ve trained because nobody knows. Its funny, but now its a huge topic of how much I’ve trained. But, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I just don’t wear it on my sleeve. That’s like when people ask me about the success of CM Punk. Why hell, I don’t know because he could be training just like me, just not telling everybody about it.  Rico Verhoeven is the GLORY heavyweight champion. I sent him a direct message on Twitter, right at the beginning when he heard I was involved and he was excited. He’s a fan from my wrestling days. 

“I said, ‘Listen man, I’m coming in here, bowing to you guys saying what you do some of the coolest crap I have ever seen and I know what it takes. I respect you guys even more because the amount of time you put in to display in front of millions of people is unbeknownst to mostly everybody unless your doing it’. I just want to help and that’s what I told him. I don’t want to demean his product, his training or demean any of there fighters. I just want to add to it with what I bring to the table and if I get to a point to where I’m confident enough in my technique and my ability at 48 years old to step in the ring. I guarantee you, I have no problem doing it.”
Goldberg also talks about turning down a fight against Alberto El Patron, mentioning he learned of the fight on short notice and saying he isn’t there to make it a ‘sideshow’ like he thought other promotions did.
Goldberg On Turning Down A Fight Against Alberto El Patron:  
“I want that in a microcosm to be an example of what my intent is. My intent is not to get in here, make a big splash and hit and run. I’m not in for the instant payday. I’m in for the long haul, the duration and the elevation of the sport. I truthfully don’t believe that even if I was in it just for the payday. that having the rumor of me being offered a fight and having me actually fight two months later, I think that is the kiss of death when it comes to long gating the value of having me do such. I do not think its not smart.”