Warner Bros. Working on More WWE Animated Shorts, Possible Jetsons Movie, WWE Diva Getting a Big Push?, New Beyond the Ring

Warner Bros. Working on More WWE Animated Shorts

wwe divaAccording to PWInsider.com, the Warner Bros. animation studios are working on producing more animated shorts featuring WWE characters going up against Hanna-Barbera characters. Warner Bros. hopes to air the shorts on the Cartoon Network, and they are also working on a movie idea involving WWE and The Jetsons, similar to what WWE did with The Flintstones.

New Beyond the Ring

The new episode of “Beyond The Ring” debuting on the WWE Network this Friday will feature the documentary from WWE’s 2009 Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD.

WWE Diva Getting a Big Push?

According to F4WOnline.com, Vince McMahon is super-high on WWE Diva Lana and reportedly has big plans for her in the near future. Lana is currently out filming the WWE Studios movie “Interrogation”, and is expected to be back on WWE TV full-time once the movie shooting wraps.