TMZ: Scott Steiner Grabbed Hulk Hogan’s Wife & Threatened to Kill Him; Investigated For “Felony Terrorist Threats”

Scott Steiner Threatens Hulk HoganLast week we reported that some sort of incident had taken place between Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner, which led to Steiner being banned from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

TMZ has picked up the story, and it’s potentially a big one. Allegedly, Steiner arrived at the San Jose airport and confronted Hogan’s wife Jennifer, “grabbed her” and threatened to “kill Terry” when he arrived. According to the TMZ report, Jennifer did not recognize the former WCW star and called her husband, who then grabbed a flight to San Jose and filed a police report. 

The police have obtained airport security footage which confirms the SJC confrontation, and may be investigating Steiner (real name: Scott Rechsteiner) for “felony terrorist threats”. That may seem extreme, but it’s the California penal code terminology for “any criminal threat” where the accused “threatens to kill or physically harm someone” and a specific threat is serious and communicated verbally. The minimum state sentence if convicted is 85% of a four year incarceration.