4/19 Wrestlezone Recap: Daniel Bryan Sent Home, Superstar Out 6 Months, Taz Leaves TNA, Fans Rush the Ring at Smackdown; This Week’s Wrestling News


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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Daniel Bryan was sent home early from the European tour. WWE officials have been urging him to slow things down since he returned in January, and he really hasn’t. It was originally thought he suffered a concussion in a match against Sheamus, but that may not actually be the case. Doctors are examining Bryan and his Intercontinental Championship match at Extreme Rules is up in the air.  

The current Extreme Rules card has Rollins vs. Orton as the main event, and Cena vs. Rusev as the two big WrestleMania rematches. Reigns vs. Big Show will have a Last Man Standing match, and Sheamus vs. Ziggler will have a “Kiss Me Arse” match. Nikki Bella vs. Paige and Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett are up in the air, with both storyline and legitimate injuries throwing a wrench into the mix. 

Jey Uso required surgery this past week after injuries sustained prior to WrestleMania. He will be out of action for six months. The company turned Naomi heel, possible to distance her from the Usos as her brother-in-law recovers. 

WWE lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin this past week, forcing a few of his shirts to be pulled from his official merchandise store. Austin did say on Twitter that the shirts would be coming back. 

Uhaa Nation did an interview with WWE about signing with the promotion, his inspirations in wrestling, joining NXT, how they recruited him and more. 

There has been some rumblings of NXT touring internationally, possible on the 2016 European or UK tours. 

Tamina Snuka made her return for the second half of the WWE European tour this past week. Former NXT Champion Neville went home to Newcastle and did not compete in the second half. 

A group of fans rushed the ring at the Smackdown television taping in London, performing some wrestling moves and posing before security chased them off. John Cena was in the ring laughing it off (and counted a pretend three-count for a Rock Bottom) as was Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. It turned out to be a couple of UK-based comedians and what is essentially a group of professional “trolls” that helped them pull it off.