HBK & JR Not Fans of The Undertaker’s Streak Ending, Why HBK Refused to Celebrate Daniel Bryan’s WM30 Win, Luke Harper’s SD! Promo

Harper Cuts Promo on Injured Partners

shawn michaelsCesaro vs Luke Harper will take place on Main Event this week, and before the bout Harper cut a promo about how him and Cesaro’s partners are currently injured. Harper said the loss of Kidd has hurt Cesaro, but the loss of Rowan has only made Harper stronger.

Jim Ross One Man Show Highlights

Thanks to Jules Allen for sending in the following:

Jim Ross and HBK co-hosted “An Evening with Jim Ross” in Manchester, UK this past Monday night, and the subject of The Undertaker’s streak was brought up. Both Ross and HBK admitted they were not fans of the decision to have Brock Lesnar conquer the streak, and they even said Brock Lesnar himself didn’t want to do it, but the decision had already been made.

Also during the night, HBK revealed he was supposed to come out with a team of former champions to celebrate Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania 30 win, but after the way the fans reacted to ‘Taker vs Lesnar HBK refused to go out to ringside, and instead left the arena.