CM Punk UFC Fight Kit Mishap; Outfitter Makes Several Spelling Errors, Chikara Pro Announces Wrestling Training School

cm punkChikara Wrestling School

Independent wrestling promotion Chikara Pro recently announced details for a “Wrestling Beginner Level 101” training class.

Those interested can sign up for classes at the Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia; click here for complete details. 

CM Punk UFC Fight Kit

Reebok unveiled a new line of UFC fight kits today, including one for former WWE star and UFC trainee CM Punk. The event was marred by several spelling and name errors by Reebok, which was not well-received many of the fighters, or the public. 

Some of the ‘notable’ mistakes featured Punk’s top spelled out as “Philip Brooks” (his given name, missing an ‘l’), “Giblert Melendez”, mixing up two fighters (Lyoto Machida and Marcio “Lyoto” Alexandre) s among several others. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings even took issue with Reebok not considering the fighters’ input or researching, as their full names were written out, even though neither has ever been billed as such. 

Although the event was pretty much a disaster for Reebok (and UFC), many people have been having fun with it, as seen by some of the Tweets below: