Piper to Address Steve Austin Issues, How Was Viewership for Week 3 of “Ballers”?, Jamie Noble Gets Stitches (Photo)

Piper to Address Steve Austin Issues

steve austinAs noted, Roddy Piper has been released from his WWE Legends deal, and his podcast has been removed from PodcastOne as a result of issues between Piper and Steve Austin.

Piper Tweeted the following, noting he will be addressing the entire situation:

“This will be cleared up and gone after my next Podcast! I heard what Steve said! Respect! My Honor’s not for sale!”

How Was Viewership for Week 3 of “Ballers”?

According to Nielsen Ratings Data, week three of Dwayne Johnson’s “Ballers”, which airs on HBO, took in 1,702,000 viewers.

If you haven’t yet seen the show check it out. It’s highly entertaining, and is the best thing The Rock has been in to date. If you enjoyed the early years of “Entourage”, you should dig this show in a similar way, and this is coming from someone who typically does NOT like The Rock’s film work.

Jamie Noble Gets Stitches

Jamie Noble posted the following on Twitter: