Exclusive: WWE Tough Enough *Spoilers* for Tonight’s Challenge, Winners Revealed and More

WWE Tough EnoughThe following exclusive results are spoilers for the latest WWE Tough Enough challenge, set to air on a later episode of the WWE Tough Enough competition of USA Network.

Improv Orlando comedy club was advertising a special “afternoon show featuring WWE” earlier today and left it open to the public.

According to sources, Chris Jericho picked the promo topics and had the contestants battle each other on stage. The results are as follows: 

Josh vs Mada (Mada wins)

Giorgia vs Chelsea (Giorgia wins)

ZZ vs Sara Lee (ZZ wins)

Tanner vs Patrick (Patrick wins)

Gabi vs Amanda (Amanda wins)

Wrestlezone reader Matt, who was in attendance, noted that ZZ and Sara Lee bombed with the crowd.

Following the first round, Jericho invited all of the competitors on stage and voted for winners, one male and one female. Patrick and Amanda were chosen as the winners, then a fight broke out between Patrick and Mada, and then Tanner and Josh got involved. It was said to be heated enough where production had to step in and break it up.