Daniel Bryan Talks WWE, His New Book, Donald Trump “Turning Face”, Not Having A “WWE Star’s” Home, What Does He Refer To His New Book As?

daniel bryanWWE Superstar and Tough Enough panelist Daniel Bryan recently appeared on Atlanta classic rock station 100.5 The Rock to promote his new book, My Improbable Journey To The Main Event Of WrestleMania.

Bryan talked about a number of topics, including his journey to main eventing Wrestlemania XXX, meeting Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, and a number of others. You can read a few highlights below, as well as listen to the complete show in the player below: 

– Bryan said he wasn’t responsible for naming his book, and the publishers actually gave it the current subtitle. Bryan says he actually forgets the title a lot, and just calls it the “YES! book.” 

– Bryan spoke about Connor Michalek and how he came to meet the young WWE fan. Bryan said that the whole thing was very overwhelming, including the support he got, as well as all the support Connor had too.

– Bryan says he did some up with the ‘YES!’ gesture, but he actually borrowed it from UFC fighter Diego Sanchez. He mentioned that Sanchez was really the only person to catch onto it, then it blew up and everyone started doing it, including the 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. He then noted that it’s a little embarrassing when his family or fans appraoch him and do the YES! chant when he’s not at a WWE-related function or event. 

– He talked about Donald Trump, and said the Presidential hopeful won’t “turn face” in the election. Bryan says maybe another politician could win the people over, but most politicians play things up and sell the public on themselves in ways wrestlers would do.  

– Bryan talk about how non-WWE friendly his home he is. He said  he doesn’t play with his action figure, and if you looked through his (and wife Brie Bella’s) home, you wouldn’t even guess that they were in WWE or professional wrestlers.