Patrick Clark Talks His WWE Tough Enough Elimination, Talks the Show Not Being What He Expected, Who Does He Think Will Win?

patrick clarkScott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine spoke with Patrick Cole, who was eliminated from WWE Tough Enough last night, and below are some interview highlights:

His initial reaction to being voted off the show:

“My first thought was hopefully I could win a Slammy for Shocker of the Year.

Second thought was disappointment. I definitely didn’t think I should have been the one going home out of the bottom three, but it is what it is. You live and you learn…I feel like as far as that particular episode goes, the audience didn’t like the way I tried to motivate ZZ. It was understandable. I was pretty much the bad guy on the show. My confidence ended up being an error for me and proved to be my downfall.”

On Tough Enough not being what he expected it to be:

“I thought it would be more wrestling related.

I don’t know if you saw what Mick Foley tweeted, but he said I made the mistake of thinking ‘Tough Enough’ was a wrestling show and not a reality show. I honestly did make that mistake. Five weeks was not enough time for me to fix it.”

On who he thinks will win Tough Enough:

“Josh has proven himself since he has been here.

Injuries stopped him with football, so he wants to play a sport and participate in a competition. He is a competitor. He is ready to move. He has his family ready to move. Whether he wins or loses, he wants to come to Florida to start a journey at NXT. GiGi has shown so much growth. She was this sweet little girl. Then on one episode she showed she can be this, you know what. She is ahead of the girls as far as the competition goes. She is on a roll. She is improving every single week.”