Popular NXT Tag Team Works WWE Live Event; Possible Call-Up Coming Soon? Biggest Superplexes on WWE Fury (Video)

NXT Tag Team WWE Bound?

nxtPopular NXT tag team Enzo Amore and Big Cass were in action last night at a WWE Live event in Odessa, Texas, accompanied by Carmella. They defeated former NXT tag team champions The Ascension, and reports coming in noted that both received a good reaction from the fans for being NXT stars. 

Enzo and Cass had previously been involved in a program with Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, but now that they’re no longer involved in the tag team title picture, it’s very possible we could see the two called up to the main roster soon. 

I’ve been saying this every week on Twitter for the last six months or so, but these two belong on the main roster, gimmick and all. They have a natural charisma and the characters are entertaining to watch, and fun to root for. The dynamic has changed with teams like New Day, where you can ride that line between comedy characters and championship contenders. They don’t need to change a single thing. 

WWE Fury: Superplexes

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