Paige Talks WWE Initially Rejecting Her, Official Poster & Details for New Bill Goldberg Movie, News on “Cesaro Section” Signs at Raw

News on “Cesaro Section” Signs at Raw

paigeFor those wondering, WWE had nothing to do with the “Cesaro Section” signs that were seen in the arena on Raw last night. The signs were being handed out by a fan who printed out about 7,000 copies for fans to hold up during the show.

Paige Talks WWE Initially Rejecting Her

During last night’s Steve Austin podcast, WWE Diva Paige talked about being rejected by WWE after her first tryout. Paige admitted she lacked confidence during her initial tryout with WWE, and noted she could hardly brush her hair or do her own make-up. She said she went into the tryout trying to be a WWE Diva instead of just being herself. She said things got worse when she busted open the lip of her opponent during her tryout match. WWE told her to come back when she gained more confidence as a performer.

Paige then said she came back the next time and decided to be herself, and she said Jamie Noble and Goldust ran the tryout, which saw Paige face Summer Rae.

Official Poster & Details for New Bill Goldberg Movie

Thanks to Uncle Louie for sending in the following:

We got to catch up with Media Mogul Uncle Louie who is part of Team Goldberg and he filled us in on “Who’s Next” for Bill Goldberg and it’s a new Goldberg movie!

“Goldberg had a “blast” on set (literally), while filming Checkpoint on location in North Carolina. He was eager to blow stuff up, beat stuff up; ultimately and most importantly, he was eager to pay homage to the men and women whose tireless efforts to protect the US Homeland are at the epicenter of his pride and admiration. As filming wraps for this project, Bill is on a full training regime with Ruben Rowell Jr. of Sootyordpalung Muay Thai and it looks inevitable that Goldberg will be putting hands on somebody soon and won’t that be glorious?!”

Look for the movie Check Point staring Bill Goldberg and William Forsythe due out this fall. The film also features Randy Couture’s beautiful blonde bombshell ogirlfriend Mindy Robinson. For more info on the movie visit and for exclusive on set candid photos of Goldberg and cast, visit Bill’s official instagram @Goldberg95. Below is a photo of the official movie poster:


Official movie poster for “Check Point” starring Bill Goldberg! #wrestlezone

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