Fun Friday With CM Punk And Duke Roufus, Dusty Rhodes’ Daughter Says He Should Be Honored At Emmy Awards

dusty rhodesDusty Rhodes

The late Dusty Rhodes’ daughter, Teil, posted the following message on her Twitter account, calling for her father to be recognized in next year’s Emmy Awards Memorial video: 

Every year there is drama over memorial spot but Dusty Rhodes was a pioneer in ppv tv and one of cables first stars.

My father deserves to be a part of that tribute. Say what you will about wrestling but he spent decades entertaining people on television

Thanks for all the rt love. Dream always taught me you can never aim too high. You guys are the best

Fun Fridays With CM Punk

Fightland recently profiled Roufusport MMA, featuring CM Punk and MMA trainer Duke Roufus in a “Fun Friday” editorial. The article profiles Punk and his UFC training under Roufus so far, and includes some photos of the team in the training facility. You can read an excerpt by author Sascha Matuszak below: 

Punk has a different poise. When Duke Roufus calls the group in for his final speech, it isn’t about the striking game or takedown defense, it’s about social media and developing a persona. It’s uncharted ground for most of the fighters. Roufus tells them to find their signature move, the Showtime move, so people can remember them, become fans, care about their fights. Tweet each other. What’s the hashtag campaign for this week? When Phil adds his voice to this conversation, everyone stops to listen. He’s not the celebrity in the gym anymore, but that team member with a skill set none of them have yet.