Taz Rips Dana White Over “Fake” Wrestling Comment, Calls Him a “Hypocrite”, NXT Diva’s B’Day, TripleMania Video Preview

Taz Rips Dana White Over “Fake” Wrestling Comment

On the most recent edition of “The Human Podcast Machine”, podcast host Taz had the following to say about Dana White’s recent “fake” wrestling comments:

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“Dana White: learn your s–t before you pop off and chirp. I take massive offense to what you said, how you handled it, and the disrespect towards the great industry, and the artform, and our craft of sports entertainment and professional wrestling. Okay? Shame on you, dude. And if I ever get the chance to meet you, Dana White, I will tell you to your face and I promise I will, okay? And you will never get another dime from me, UFC, because of his comments.”

NXT Diva’s B’Day

Today is the 24th birthday of WWE NXT Diva Alexa Bliss.

TripleMania Video Preview

The following is a video preview for tonight’s TripleMania PPV: