Backstage News On Randy Orton Commenting On Kevin Owens’ Weight On RAW; Are WWE Officials Souring On Owens?

wwe live eventSource: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As seen last night on WWE RAW, Kevin Owens’ weight was brought up by Randy Orton in a segment that saw Orton take (what was seen as) a cheap shot at the former NXT Champion. Orton asked Owens if he put on a little weight, and Owens simply said ‘no’. 

This comment was reported to be deliberate, as there are still apparent issues with Owens’ look with some WWE officials. It’s being said that some people in WWE are still against Owens and think he will fail, and may even want Owens to fail to prove themselves correct in their assumptions. The Observer’s Dave Meltzer originally said on his radio show (after Owens tapped at WWE Battleground) there are two groups; those for Owens, and those against him, and they are in the middle of a game to see who is right about him succeeding or failing in the company. 

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On a similar note, there were reports last year that WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn was getting inside Vince McMahon’s ear to bury (then) new NXT callups such as Bo Dallas, Paige and Adam Rose. It was speculated that Dunn was going to ‘bury’ people who threatened his position, most notably Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who are notably in favor of NXT succeeding.