TNA Impact Wrestling Results for 8/12/15 – First Ever King of the Mountain Match on Impact!, The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Meyers, Main Event set for Turning Point!

Mr. Anderson talks about the importance of the microphone and ponders “just going home & being a dad”, but then says that he is not quite ready to hang up his boots.  He then challenges Bram to an Open Mic Match, where the first one to grab a hold of Anderson’s microphone will be able to use it as he pleases.

Robbie E vs. PJ Black vs. Chris Mordetzky vs. Eric Young vs. Lashley

The match is hectic right from the get-go as Lashley gets an early pin as does PJ Black in the first minute of the match, forcing both Eric Young and Chris Mordetzky into the 2-minute penalty box.  Lashley then nails an over-the-head German Suplex of sorts and begins dominating the match.  Robbie E turns the tables with a dropkick and PJ hits a clothesline off the top rope.  They oddly begin working together until they throw Lashley over the top rope.  Robbie is able to hit his finish on PJ Black for a pinfall.  Lashley then hits Robbie E with a Spear for a pinfall, forcing both PJ Black and Robbie into the penalty box. Perfect timing too, as now Mordetzky and Eric Young come out as the newly pinned wrestlers go in!

This is the first match of the night to have a commercial break in the middle of it.  That seems noteworthy as most fans are so conditioned to WWE’s way of doing things, where there may be one match that does NOT have a break in the middle of it.

We return to see Mordetzky pinning Eric Young to qualify for hanging the championship in this “reverse Ladder Match” as my friends have dubbed it.  Robbie E starts climbing the penalty box and launches himself off, taking out Mordetzsky and Lashley as Chris had a nasty looking Full Nelson on Lashley!  PJ Black and Robbie E begin trading chops (maybe PJ was jealous and wanted to do that dive off the penalty box?)

Eric Young bursts out of the penalty box and everyone starts to show some fatigue.  Robbie E goes for a suplex on the steel steps, but catches a low blow from the crazy Canuck followed by a Piledriver on the steel steps!  Mordetzky now clocks everyone in sight with the KOTM Title and fights his way up a ladder for the first attempt to win the match by anyone.  The only other GFW wrestler in the match is the one to stop him in his tracks though, PJ starts scaling the ladder with the coveted championship.  

He fails to hang it as Mordetzky catches up to him and they trade some right hands before Bobby Lashley is able to knock down the ladder and deliver mass amounts of Spears to every competitor in sight!  Lashley goes to hang the title himself, but “The Bearded Terror” as The Pope refers to him, is able to take Lashley out.  EY starts pandering to the crowd as they chant “YOU SUCK!” at him.  

Just as he is about to secure the win, Eric Young is joined on the ladder by PJ Black as he launches himself from the corner and onto the ladder in one motion!  Lashley then flies out of nowhere as he accurately rocks EY with a Top Rope Spear.  PJ Black then is able to hit a very impressive 450 Splash off the ladder and onto Bobby Lashley!  PJ takes advantage of the situation and is able to re-climb the ladder for his third try at winning only to…SUCCEED!  PJ Black becomes the 2nd ever TNA King of the Mountain Champion.

Winner – PJ Black 

EC3 makes his way out to the ring and simply holds his title above his head, signifying he is ready for the challenge of PJ Black next week at TNA Turning Point!!

That is the end of the show tonight folks!  Thank you all for joining me.  Please don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter @FordTheFish to know exactly when and where what is going on!  Everyone enjoy Ring of Honor next on Destination America!

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