Ric Flair Talks John Cena Title Wins; Would He Support Cena Beating His Record? WWE Lists Best PPV Posters Ever

ric flairRic Flair Talks John Cena

The subject of current WWE United States Champion John Cena potentially breaking Ric Flair’s record world title reign recently came up on a question-and-answer session on Flair’s WOOOO! Nation podcast. 

Flair initially said Cena deserved to break his record of sixteen world title reign, then added that doesn’t really think about it (the record) much, and he’d actually be in support of it: 

“I’d be thrilled if John Cena tied my record and surpassed it. I think the world of [John] and he has been the flagship for the company for a long time. If John were to catch that title again and then he can surpass the record, I’d be very proud of him.”

Best PPV Posters Ever

WWE.com recently compiled a list of the fifty best pay-per-view posters in WWE history.

Some of posters on the list include classics like Invasion 2001, Summerslam 1998 (Highway To Hell), Summerslam 2009, and many others. Click here to view the full gallery.