wwe summerslam
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WWE Summerslam Results (8/23) – New Champions Crowned, Rollins vs Cena, Taker vs Lesnar!


WWE Summerslam Results

August 23rd 2015

Report By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

Jon Stewart comes out and hypes the crowd up, and he says the difference between the politics he’s used to on the Daily Show, and WWE is the Superstars here respect the crowd. He names all of the stars who will compete and says he’s still angry about Brock Lesnar ending the streak, so he’s here to tell Lesnar how he feels. Jon says he wants to interview Lesnar but he’s a little guy, so he brought a friend to help him out, the ‘hardcore legend’ Mick Foley! Jon welcomes him into the ring and Foley says it must’ve been a little fuzzy on the phone or he used his missing ear, but he thought Jon said “Rock”. Jon says no and asks if Mick is scared, and Mick says Hell In A Cell was 17 years ago, and Jon is on his own! Jon plays it up and kicks it to the opening graphics and video. 

Randy Orton vs Sheamus 

Orton calls for an early RKO before Sheamus rolls outside and taunts the crowd, telling them to ‘respect the hawk.’ He rolls back in and stomps Orton, then whips him and and hits him in the corner before Orton knocks him down. Sheamus blocks a DDT and calls for a rolling senton, but Orton flips him over the ropes and Sheamus hits the floor. Orton rolls him in and avoids a Brogue kick, then hits a powerslam and hits him a few more times. Sheamus catches him with a strike and connects with Ten Beats, then he goes for a Battering Ram but Orton RKO’s him! Sheamus is able to roll outside to avoid a pin, then Orton calls for a punt but Sheamus rolls away and slams him down. Sheamus taunts the crowd as they chant ‘you look stupid’, then counters a RKO and connects with a corner Brogue, and a second off the rebound for the win. 

Winner – Sheamus