Exclusive: Filsinger Games Owner Tom Filsinger Discusses 30 Year Growth Of Filsinger Pro Wrestling Card Gaming, Wrestlers Who Play, Hardest Wrestlers To Sign A Deal With, Would He Sell The Game To WWE? & MORE (Audio Included)


In this WrestleZone Radio exclusive WrestleZone Radio’s Nick Hausman & Ross Berman chat with Filsinger Games Owner, Tom Filsinger.

Tom speaks candidly about the thirty year growth of the Filsinger Games card game, getting wrestlers to sign over their image rights for the game, which pro wrestlers are actually play Filsinger Games, new decks that will be released soon, whether or not he would sell the game to the WWE, sponsoring Wrestling Geekfest & MORE



 The full audio can be found by clicking HERE or by listening to the show in the embedded player above.

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