Mark Henry Doing Promotional Work Overseas, IGN WWE 2K16 Hands On Preview

wwe 2k16WWE 2K16 recently posted a new “hands-on” commentary / early review of some of the new features of the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game.

The article talks about the revamped reversals system, stamina bar, and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

The biggest expression of this is how the reversal system has been fleshed out. Fans get nervous whenever reversals are brought up, because how they’re handled can have a massive effect on match flow, to the point of ruin in some cases. But so far, the changes and additions that Yukes and Visual Concepts have made are helping immensely.

For starters, reversals are now an actual resource you need to manage. More technically sound wrestlers might have a stock of five, while others might have four or three. Every time you successfully reverse a move, you lose one stock, which will begin to regenerate very slowly over time. The result is that matches between two good players won’t turn into an endless chain of reversals, occasionally highlighted by a successful move when someone makes a mistake. It keeps the pace of the match moving a lot more like what you see in an actual match.

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Mark Henry 

WWE Superstar Mark Henry recently posted the following photo, showing a travel Visa for India. Henry will be traveling over to the country to do promotional work for WWE.