WWE Tough Enough Contestant Tanner Talks Daniel Bryan’s Advice, Heat He Had with ZZ, Overall Feelings on the Show, the Judges & More

wwe tough enoughIt’s a double dose of Tough Enough favorites on today’s Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling featuring the very popular Tanner from the 2015 Tough Enough class and the very outspoken 2011 Tough Enough contestant AJ Kirsch. First, Tanner dives deep into his perceived heat with ZZ and how the two are in different places in life. Tanner also discusses why he thinks he will succeed in pro wrestling and how the trainers were a large help to him and his future success. AJ Kirsch has gone on to do a lot of phenomenal work since appearing on the Andy Levine won season of Tough Enough but what does AJ think of where the show is going from here on out.  It is a favorable take and a must listen show to say the least. Please Subscribe to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling on iTunes and via YouTube by searching the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling or visit the OFFICIAL Website of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling: www.tmptofwrestling.com & twitter.com/twomanpowertrip.

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WWE Tough Enough’s Tanner Shoots On Heat With ZZ: https://youtu.be/8IHDWKyyRPU

WWE Tough Enough’s AJ Kirsch Talks Working With Steve Austin: https://youtu.be/riOT9xx6erE

His overall feelings of the Tough Enough experience:

I was definitely blessed for the whole experience and the opportunity that was given to me and I have no regrets going through it. There were just a few things that maybe needed a bit more work, I just didn’t have time to improve fast enough on I guess. Overall the experience was mind-blowing. The way the Superstars interacted with us and the hospitality and sense of family that was built was an incredible experience.

Breaking into the business via the Tough Enough casting process vs. traditional training:

I think we are in a new age now so there are different tools that maybe are being utilized and experimenting with some ways that are social media based and we have to rely on votes from our fans. We had to impress our fans, judges and coaches so I think all that tied in and gives you different perspective and lets everyone know what the WWE Universe is looking for.

Any resentment from the veterans or trainers:

They worked with us  and there was no hesitation or I never got a no. Any question I had or anytime I tried to work with them extra or any question I ever had they were all more than willing to accommodate and help out. I didn’t feel any resentment from them and I think they understand the business is trying to grow every day and is trying to do something new and they are trying to pass on their legacy towards us so we can uphold the traditions and stuff. Just to be put in that opportunity, they dealt well with us and taught us a lot.