News Report On WWE Performance Center Shooting (Video), Update On Bram Case, Asks “Who Is Best Champ Ever?”

wwe tryout campNews Report On WWE Performance Center Shooting (Video)

The following video is of the WFTV news report regarding the shooting outside the WWE Performance Center just hours ago:

Update On Bram Case

The Tampa Tribune is reporting that former TNA Wrestler Thomas Latimer, aka Bram, was arguing with a woman that may have been his girlfriend before she went to her bedroom. They go on to say that Latimer then allegedly pursued her in to the bedroom, closed the door and allegedly held her down on the bed by her throat. Latimer is now being held in Pinella County Jail without bond.

Full story available at Asks “Who Is The Greatest WWE World Champion Ever?”  

Source: currently features their “Editor’s Choice” piece Who Is The Greatest WWE Would Champion Ever?

The piece features the Editors debating and talking about who they believe is the best wWE World Champion ever. They are encouraging fans to submit comments and the article can be found by clicking HERE.