LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: 9/1 Edition of “WZ Daily” feat. Justin LaBar & Zach Gowen; Discussion About Shooting At Performance Center, Zahara Schreiber Fired For Nazi Posts, Bram Arrested, WWE-Concussion Lawsuit Update, more

WZD-three-colorToday at NOON EST/11 am CSTWrestleZone Daily, WrestleZone’s official daily pro wrestling news web radio show, aired on!

Host Nick Hausman is joined in this episode by’s Justin LaBar2CW’s Bin Hamin (aka Ben Duerr)!

Nick & Justin start the show off and discussing all the details that have come out in the past twenty-four hours regarding the shooting at the WWE Performance Center, Zahara Schreiber being released by the WWE, Bram being suspended and concussion issues in the WWE.

2CW’s Bin Hamin (aka Ben Duerr) tags in for Justin at the end of the show and handles all the news from RAW last night. He also helps Nick field many of the questions fans have submitted to the show using the hash tag #WZDaily

Today’s show features a clip from an interview Nick conducted with former WWE Superstar Zach Gowen. The full interview will be available later today in our WrestleZone Radio archives.