Exclusive: Pro Wrestling Tees’ Jeremy Meyer Talks Cabana & Punk’s Involvement In Launching PWT, WWE’s Legal Department, Wrassleroos, more (Audio Included)

Pro Wrestling TeesBelow is the audio from an exclusive interview original Pro Wrestling Tees employee Jeremy Meyer granted to WrestleZone Radio. It features Jeremy talking with WrestleZone Daily host Nick Hausman.

Jeremy chats candidly about the rapid growth that Pro Wrestling Tees has seen, Colt Cabana & CM Punk’s role in launching the brand, how difficult it is to sign certain wrestlers to a deal, helping independent wrestlers make a living, the many times they have heard from the WWE legal department, their new Wrassleroos brand of pro wrestling underwear and more…

The following is an excerpt from the interview. It features Jeremy’s comments about how hard it is to get wrestlers to agree to let Pro Wrestling Tees make shirts for them:

JM: There are definitely wrestlers that we have contacted to get on the site that aren’t up yet or pulled out… I’m not sure how much I’m able to say about who we’ve talked to or are currently talking to. There’s been some people we still want to obviously get. As far as the people we have currently on the site, there hasn’t really been a lot of issues with getting contracts signed. It’s just a matter of showing faith that we can deliver a product that they’ll love and are willing to put their name on. If I could talk about wrestlers that I would like to see on the site? Obviously, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart… people like that. It always comes down to that when you are printing shirts for someone you want to make sure they own their own property. Hulk Hogan owns “Hulk Hogan” so if we signed him we could possibly print those shirts. Or even for his “Beach Shop” that he has we could just do “Beach Shop” shirts. 

The full interview can be found by clicking HERE or by listening to the show in the embedded player at the top of this post.

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