“Raid Delivery” Rory Fox Talks the Impact of MTV True Life Doc, His First Break with WWE, Calls Hernandez a “Scum-Bag” for Being Reckless & More

rory foxToday The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes ring veteran and the focus of the MTV True Life: I’m a Pro Wrestler documentary, Rory Fox. Fresh off our episode with Les Thatcher where Rory Fox is highly praised by his original trainer and nearly seventeen years after the original airing we get Rory’s take on the highlights of his career as well as some very candid and remarkable comments regarding an in-ring incident with a former TNA/Lucha Underground wrestler who carelessly took liberties with him multiple times. John and Chad advise that you strap in because the final moments of this podcast are out of this world.

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Rory Fox Destroys Hernandez Over Recklessly Giving Him The Border Toss: https://youtu.be/bCJNQ-3x32s

Rory Fox On How He Was Selected For MTV True Life: I’m A Pro Wrestler: https://youtu.be/XI6y6IkT9dU

Being able to step-in and become the focus of the MTV True Life documentary:

If we are not going mention his name I just want to say thank-you wherever you are for being such a screw-up crack-head and a thief, I would not have had the opportunity to take part in the MTV Special. I was just another guy at the wrestling school, six months in and doing all right with Les at wrestling training and when they went around and interviewed everybody I was a guy from small-town Iowa that had 100 people in it and never left the state of Iowa and I’m telling my whole story about how I saved all my money to come out to Cincinnati and how I worked in factories and had this dream to wrestle since I was 5 years old. 

What led to him being selected: 

This kid just stopped showing up. He stopped coming to practice, he would just go out all night and tell all the chicks at the club that he was a wrestler. He was already worried about being a TV star so they kind of gave up on him and had to salvage this (documentary). So then they thought the kid from Watkins, Iowa has a story and low and behold they go with me and I’ve got this opportunity for National TV. 

How MTV True Life opened the door to being booked by WWE: 

I got the opportunity and it helped me in so many ways. I had my first match in 1999 and I had to go home in 2001 for financial reasons and I sent in a demo tape and resume to WWF and Kevin Kelly was in Talent Relations at that time so two years in the business I got booked for the TV’s (Monday/Tuesday). I wrestled Haku on the Jacked/Metal syndicated tapings and they actually did commentary for the match and Michael Hayes referred to the MTV special and said because the first Tough Enough was coming around “who could be the next Rory Fox in the making on Tough Enough”. It’s so crazy now because they won’t even acknowledge enhancement guys let alone mention them with such regard.