Fan Jumps Barricade On RAW, 6 Most Decorated WWE Tag Teams, “Owen- Hart of Gold” DVD Matches

Fan Jumps Barricade On RAW

WWE security was back in action last night as a fan decided to jump the rail and walk with Seth Rollins to the ring for the main event. Below is video of the fan walking alongside Seth, shortly after the fan was taken down by security:

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Six Most Decorated Tag Teams In WWE History has just released a list of the six most decorated tag teams in WWE History. If you’re interested in perusing the list click HERE

 “Owen- Hart of Gold” DVD & Blu-Ray Matches has released the first batch of matches for the upcoming “Owen- Hart of Gold” DVD & Blu-ray. Below are a few of the matches that have now been announced for the release:

Blue Blazer vs. Mr. Perfect

Meadowlands- 5/8/89

Owen Hart vs. Mark Kyle

World Championship Wrestling- 3/16/91

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Wrestling Spotlight- 8/28/93

Exhibition Match

Owen Hart vs. Nick Barberri

WrestleMania XI Public Workout; Times Square, NYC- 3/28/95