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Exclusive: Ric Flair Talks Charlotte’s Success, John Cena Tying His Record, Bischoff’s Comments About His Run In WCW, Wife Swap With Piper, More (Audio Included)

If you are in the White Plains, NY area on October 3rd you can meet Ric and get an autograph at the Westchester County Center at 198 Central Avenue. Wooooooooo!

The following is an excerpt from the interview. It features Ric’s comments about his daughter Charlotte’s natural physical abilities:

RF: She does stuff I could never do. She’s that good of an athlete. They only come along once in a lifetime. She has the credentials. People hate me for saying this but Ashley (Charlotte) could have gone to college and played a Division 1 sport in four different sports. She didn’t start playing volleyball until she was in the 9th grade. She was cheerleading, diving… she won the State Diving Championship with a week of practice. So, there you go. 

The full interview can be found by clicking HERE or by listening to the show in the embedded player at the top of this post.

In the full interview Ric speaks candidly with Nick about his daughter Charlotte’s success in the WWE, John Cena possibly breaking his world title record, seeing his friend Sting in the WWE, Eric Bischoff’s recent comments about Ric’s run in WCW once the NWO invasion began, his appearance on Wife Swap alongside Roddy Piper & more…

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