New WWE NXT Diva Kana Talks the Physicality of NXT, Working and Training with Sara Del Rey and More

KanaJim Varsallone of The Miami Herald recently interviewed new WWE NXT Diva Kana, and the following are some highlights:

On the physicality of NXT compared to Japan:

“I have not experienced NXT, so it is hard to tell at the moment. I know I will be ready for anything they throw at me, including the physicality in the ring.”

On working with NXT trainer Sara Del Rey:

“I actually had a match with her 10 years ago when she came to Japan, and she was incredible to work with.

It definitely helps to know I will be training under someone I am familiar with. I have a great amount of respect for Sara and all she has done in our industry and can’t wait to get to Orlando and soak up everything she has to offer like a sponge.”