Legends Of Wrestling Promoter Talks About Hip-Hop Past, Compares It To Pro Wrestling, What Should Fans Expect From ‘Legends’?

legends of wrestlingLegends of Wrestling President and promoter Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory recently spoke with All Hip Hop magazine, talking about his previous work in the music industry, to his transition to being a wrestling promoter. 

Louie, who along with LoW have hosted recent live events at Citi Field in New York and Marlins Park in Miami, talks about how he became President of LoW, what fans should expect from one of their events, and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

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AllHipHop: After being so successful in music, why did you get into the Pro Wrestling stuff?

First and foremost, I am humbled by the success I’ve been blessed with. Without my mentors, I would not be where I am today. Everything in this business is about how you conduct yourself and how you handle your business. At 16 years old, Prince Markie Dee took me under his wing. Shortly thereafter, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Eric B and I am thankful everyday for the lessons learned. Even after all of these years, I still call Eric B almost every day for advice and council. As for Pro Wrestling, that’s a great question. Not so east to answer though (laughing). Many years ago, Bill Goldberg and I met and at the time, I started to give him some pointers regarding social media. From there, we became very good friends; he is like a big brother to me too. Years later, Brian Knobs asked Goldberg to be involved with Legends of Wrestling. Goldberg and I got on a call with Knobs and his other partner Frank and well, after a while they decided I’d be a good fit to be the President of Legends of Wrestling, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity and their trust in me.

What was Legends Of Wrestling at Citi Field Like?

It was such an amazing experience to be a part of such a great team. The Wrestlers were all terrific and the Mets organization was stellar. This show literally took the work of a team of over 100 people to accomplish and when I heard that over 10,000 tickets were sold, I knew all the hardwork of everybody had paid off. A lot of the things I’ve learned through the years in music, and in entertainment in general were and are applicable to Legends of Wrestling. The only difference is, I get to take batting practice on a major league baseball field quite often now and hang out with legendary wrestlers as opposed to legendary rappers and DJs! It was great to have Shontelle Layne ringside at that show and to have Eric B at my side the entire time. I was very proud to see everything come full circle.

AllHipHop: Last month, Legends of Wrestling was at Miami Marlins Park. The event took main stream media by storm and was even on the MLB Network and various other media outlets.What makes Legends of Wrestling so successful and why is it out performing its competition?

We really try to provide an “experience” rather than a “show”. There is a lot of interaction between the fans and the Wrestlers. We encourage fans to take selfies and to collect autographs. We even had a contest giving away a championship belt to the fan with the best wrestler costume. On that particular night though, I presented Marlins’ ace pitcher Jose Fernandez with a special championship belt made just for him by Rey Rey’s World Championship Belt. Major League Baseball picked up on that and it went viral. It’s one of those outside the box things that I do a lot but this time, it actually worked (laughing).