Vinci Does Hogan Ear Wave At US Open (Photo), Elgin Welcomes First Child, Jesse Godderz On Big Brother Post Show Tonight

Vinci Does Hogan Ear Wave In US Open Final

The following photo was posted to Twitter by user Steve NoahIt shows Roberta Vinci doing the Hulk Hogan ear wave motion after scoring a big point on Serena Williams at the Women’s US Open. Vinci would go on to beat Williams in one of the biggest upsets in tennis history:

 Michael Elgin Welcomes First Child With MsChif

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

On September 4, 2015 Michael Elgin and his wife Rachel Collins, MsChif, welcomed his first child in to the world. The child is a boy and has been named Jax. 

Jessie Godderz On Pop.TV Tonight

Impact Wrestling Superstar Jessie Godderz has posted the following to his Twitter account. He announces that he will be appearing on The Orwell Games tonight on at Midnight EST. The Orwell Games is a post-Big Brother socially interactive recap show.