Watch Itami vs Breeze in WWE 2k16, Team PCB Dances, Did Paige Accept Her Boyfriend’s Proposal?, (Videos), Sandow’s Original Gimmick Returns

Sandow Brings Back Original Gimmick

During tonight’s WWE Smackdown taping, Damien Sandow defeated Adam Rose in a dark match, and brought back his original gimmick in which he sports a blue robe. He also called himself “The Voice of Common Sense”, but he worked as a babyface and not a heel. He said he is no longer a stunt double:

Team PCB Dances

Team PCB is the latest to dance for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and you can check it out below:

Watch Itami vs Breeze in WWE 2k16

The WWE 2k16 development team has released the following video:

Did Paige Accept Her Boyfriend’s Proposal?

The following is a highlight video from tonight’s new episode of Total Divas, during which Paige accepts her boyfriend’s marriage proposal: