Former WWE Head of Security Says “Somebody Should Be Fired” Over “Embarrassing” Fan Incidents, Recent WWE Attendance Figures

Recent WWE Attendance Figures

wwe_news_splash-0.jpgAccording to The Wrestling Observer, below are recent WWE attendance figures:

-September 11th in Edmonton drew 4,000 fans (Roman Reigns tour)

-September 12th in Gainesville for NXT was sold out

-September 12th in Huntsville, AL drew 3,000 fans (Randy Orton tour)

-September 12th in Calgary drew 3,000 fans (Reigns tour)

-September 13th in Tupelo, MS drew 3,500 fans (Orton tour)

-September 13th in Jonesboro, AR drew 1,200 fans (Reigns tour)

-September 14th in Memphis for RAW drew 7,500 fans

Former WWE Head of Security Says “Somebody Should Be Fired”

Former WWE head of security Jimmy Noonan, who worked for the company from 1999-2007, recently appeared on the Wrestling Mayhem Show and said someone in WWE security needs to be fired after the recent string of incidents involving fans hopping the guardrails at live events.

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As noted, fans have either successfully attacked or attempted to attack Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, all at separate times, and Noonan had the following to say:

“It’s getting embarrassing. I’m getting offended by it. You don’t get caught three times in one month. If you do, you’re fucking up. Somebody is messing up. Not shitting on WWE security, but somebody is making a mistake. I think somebody should be fired. I think if you’re security and you mess up, you should be fired. Will they? Probably not.”