Seth Rollins Talks Working CrossFit Into His Routine, The Bond Between The Shield, What Was Joey Mercury’s Role In Helping The Shield?

seth rollinsWWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins joined the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show this week to discuss “Night of Champions,” facing both Sting and John Cena in one night, working his CrossFit regimen into his in-ring routine, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, reconnecting with The Shield and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 
Seth Rollins on working CrossFit into his workout:
“I mean it’s the one thing that I do really that nobody else does and I’m doing a lot of things in the ring that nobody else does,so for me I feel like those two things kind of go hand in hand.  I couldn’t do traditional bodybuilding and keep this schedule, it just wouldn’t work for me,  I don’t think it works really for our generation of guys.  More and more you’re seeing guys transfer over into functional fitness as opposed to training for aesthetics.  The side effect of training functionally with high intensity, which is what CrossFit is that you also happen to look pretty decent as well.  For me it serves two purposes, I get the job done in the ring, I look the part, and I stay super healthy all the time.”
Why The Shield Worked Together, Or Now As Opponents:
“We get to fire up the band in other incarnations.  We always laugh about it now when we do these tag matches and six mans and I’m on the other side of the ring and they’re like partnered up with Randy Orton or something like that.  It’s just funny because you can put the components in all the different places, but it’s still comes out gold every time.  The two of those guys, myself, I feel like paved the way for a different kind of work ethic than what we had been seeing in WWE over the past five years, maybe before that.  That’s something I know the three of us are real proud of and every time we go out there we’re going out there to have the best match and steal the show weather working against each other, with each other it doesn’t matter, and that’s just kind of the attitude we came in with and we stuck to our guns this entire time and it’s cool to be able to share that with two other guys.  The time we had with The Shield, who knows if it will ever come back around but if it doesn’t no one will ever be able to take that run away from us either.”
Seth Rollins Comments On Joey Mercury:
“Joey is responsible for first of all getting me signed in WWE, second of all he was responsible for getting Ambrose signed, he played a huge hand in training Roman Reigns from the ground up.   You look at those three things but it’s more than that,  I mean Joey as a performer is one of the best ever as far as just in the ring, the smoothness with which he moves inside the ring is pretty unparalleled and his mind for the industry is really incredible. He’s a guy that I love to death, someone I consider a mentor, a brother, and honestly the WWE you see today wouldn’t exist without him.  He’s such a huge cog in the machine in the back. he’s responsible for helping us out, putting matches together, booking the live events, he’s got a lot on his plate, and he does an incredible job.”
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