Tully Blanchard Talks What Brought The Four Horsemen Together, The Chemistry of The Original Four, What His Favorite Grouping Is, Being A ‘Booker’s Dream’

file_187255_3_tully_blanchardThe Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast recently interview Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard and issued the following: 

It may not be a full quartet but the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling’s John and Chad welcome Four Horseman member Tully Blanchard to assemble a threesome worthy of taking care of some Horseman business. Never at a loss for words when discussing his wrestling career, Tully Blanchard does not disappoint as he discusses what exactly the “Original Horseman” means nearly thirty years after it’s formation in November 1985. Tully also discusses the closest he ever came to returning to WCW in 1993 in the spot that would eventually be given to Paul Roma and how WCW’s insulting offer to him was the tip of the iceberg as he walked away from wrestling. But Tully’s story does not end there. He has become an inspiration to several thousand people with spreading awareness and his message on living life to its fullest and never giving up. 

You can listen to the full show by clicking here; you can also read a few excerpts below: 

Did management consider The Horseman as a “bookers dream”:

 He (Dusty) didn’t really have any choice. When Dusty got the job as booker he and I wrestled and Wahoo wrestled Flair and it turned the territory around and started it in the progress to what it was going into. So then switching Flair heel and bringing in Arn into the territory and Arn and Ole being a tag team and the natural family ties between Flair and The Andersons. It was a great spot to be. We made people look better than they could make themselves look and I don’t say that very arrogantly but I do take pride in the ability that Flair had, Arn had, Ole had and Barry had and I had to make our opponents bigger than life heroes. That was our job and to get in that flow and watch the fans get behind it. It would have been a very tactical error to not push those guys. There were more guys, there was The Midnight Express, Ivan and Nikita Koloff you look at there were other heels that were over and drew houses and were other parts, but it didn’t make any difference it was a great group of wrestlers.

What is his favorite grouping of Horseman:

The greatest group of guys, most talented guys and flexible guys was the group that went into the Hall of Fame. Which was with Barry, Ric, Arn and I. The “original four” was a different dynamic because Arn and Ole were the tag team and because of Ole’s in the ring philosophy the tag team had to follow that dynamic. It was a little bit more grinding it out type stuff, whereas when Barry came part of the Horseman he became the other single and Arn and I gravitated to the tag team and the tag team just because of different styles, Ole had a different style then I had. We were more flexible to the opponents that we could wrestle. We looked just as good against the Rock N’ Roll as we did against Animal and Hawk or Demolition or Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. You’ve got two ends of the spectrum on the things that you could excentuate in your opponents. I think that we had the greatest amount of diversity and flexibility when you had Barry in as part of the Horseman.