WWE NXT Live Event Results (10/10): Winter Haven, FL: Athena Debuts, 6 Man Tag Main Event, Asuka In-Action, Crews vs Crowe and More

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WWE NXT Live Event Results


Winter Haven, FL

Dasha Fuentes is your ring announcer and host for the evening.

– Apollo Crews def. Solomon Crowe. Solid opener with lots of hard hits. Apollo used the power bomb finisher from Takeover to win tonight, so that looks like his finisher from now on.

– Alexa Bliss and Peyton Royce def. Gionna Daddio and Athena (NOTE: I believe she was announced under a different name, but I wasn’t able to catch what it was.) Ok match. Choppy in places. Athena looked good and may be the fastest woman in NXT. Gionna shows some potential, but she is still pretty green.

– Kenneth Crawford comes out for a promo. He talks about the NXT depression and mocks Tyler Breeze, Finn Balor, and the Vaudevillains. He says he was brought in to clean things up because of his military experience. He says we’re beginning the Era of Ken. Not bad for a guy cutting his first promo, but it definitely dragged.

– Elias Samson def. Alexander Wolfe. A pretty meh match. Decent work by the guys, but not much of note.

– Levis Valenzuela Jr. def. Marcus Louis w/Sylvester Lefort. Louis is growing his hair out again and has new gear, plus seemed to have dropped the psycho gimmick. Match itself was decent. Valenzuela is ok in the ring, but has great charisma. He’s a guy to watch out for in the future.

Post Match: Louis and Lefort attack Valenzuela until Mojo Rawley comes out for the save. Mojo and Levis end up dancing in the ring and being silly, much to the delight of the crowd. 

– Asuka def. Emma. Before the match, Emma said that Dana wasn’t here because of what happened at Takeover and she is doing this for Dana. Emma and Asuka had a really nice match. Good stuff and Asuka looked good.

– Bull Dempsey def. Tucker Knight. Ok big man match. Fair amount of comedy spots in the match.

– Hugo Knox def. Riddick Moss. Match kind of dragged a bit. Hugo Knox is just getting back in the swing of things after missing significant time to injury. He’s a decent talent with good charisma and moves pretty well. I don’t know if he will make it to tv by the time NXT tours the UK, but I would be stunned if he doesn’t end up working on that tour.

– Finn Balor and The Vaudevillains def. Blake, Murphy, and Tye Dillinger. Excellent match. There were a lot of fun spots and taunting from both teams. Finn was feeling it. He was jumping around and smiling and having a good old time. All 6 guys are so good in the ring too. There was one spot where Aiden English had Blake in a head scissors, Murphy came in and locked one on Aiden, then Gotch came in, then Tye came in, all locked in one giant head scissors until Finn came in. He debated what to do until grabbing Blake by the legs and turning the whole pile over into a giant Boston Crab. The end came when The Vaudevillains hit the Whirling Dervish on Dillinger and Finn hit a Coup de Grace on all three members of the opposing team.

Post Match: Finn and The Vaudevillains celebrated, doing each other’s poses and high fiving the crowd. Finn got back in the ring and was doing crotch chops when Billy Gunn popped his head out. He was invited to come in the ring, but refused, until the crowd chanted for him. Gunn grabbed Blake, threw him in the ring and hit a Fame Asser. All the babyfaces celebrated by doing DX crotch chops and all the DX things to the old DX music. Tye Dillinger came back out with a mic and berated the faces until Billy hit him with a Fame Asser too.

At this point, Dillinger was an unconscious and sold it like he was dead. The house lights came up, and Dillinger laid there. The refs looked at each other and shrugged and started the process of taking down the ring for the night while Dillinger didn’t move. They thanked the crowd, people were leaving the building while Dillinger didn’t move. Even Murphy came out and kept putting up the X symbol while the crowd was laughing. Good stuff.


– There were more cameras and production crew than normal for a house show. They are likely filming material for the Breaking Ground series that is going to air on the network later in the month.

– Elias Samson actually spent about 20 minutes before the show playing his guitar for the crowd outside.

– Kenneth Crawford is a former Marine who was signed to NXT early in the year, with no previous wrestling experience. He recently made his in ring debut as part of a battle royal during a recent Florida house show.

– The meet and greet before the show featured The Vaudevillains and Sara Lee from Tough Enough.