Myzteziz Update; Details On Former WWE/AAA Star Walking Out Of Current Promotion, Watch Nia Jax’s Debut (Video)

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It was reported earlier that AAA star Myzteziz, Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde would be leaving the promotion.

The former / ‘original’ Sin Cara in WWE, Alvirde apparently walked out on the promotion but then said later he would join CMLL after fulfilling his obligations to AAA, and would resume working as ‘Mistico’, the name he is most known for, leading to some confusion. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting AAA owns the Myzteziz name, and may have someone else work the gimmick, similar to WWE owning the ‘Sin Cara’ name and having a new wrestler wear the mask. As far as Alvirde working as Mistico, it’s being said he doesn’t want to return to using that name, even though CMLL owns it. He did previously claim he owned the Sin Cara name, which is untrue, and the name might actually hurt his image with Mexican fans. 

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Nia Jax

The following video features highlights from Nia Jax’s NXT televised debut on WWE Network tonight: