Possible Inspiration For New NXT Kids Show, Are NXT’s Fulton And Dawkins Still On The Same Page? (Video)

wwe nxtNXT Kids

As noted, WWE is looking at creating a new NXT Kids show, and a casting notice is making its way around online.

Not much is known about the show except the concept would feature kids as talent doing on-air interview and camera work with NXT stars. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one source said NXT Kids was inspired by Bayley superfan Izzy, and may end up being a vehicle for her as well. 

It was noted that she’s been featured heavily in crowd shots and video packages, and it was not a coincidence to include her in footage. 

Fulton and Dawkins

The following video features The Mechanics, Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins, regrouping after a losing effort on NXT tonight. Fulton also warns his partner that they need to start winning now: