WWE NXT Live Event Results (10/15): Cocoa Beach, FL: WWE Diva Returns to the Ring, Crews vs Corbin, Balor vs Dillinger and More

wwe nxtSource: PWInsider.com

Dasha Fuentes is your host and ring announcer for the evening.

– Bayley is introduced and cuts a babyface promo, putting over the entire roster at NXT Takeover and the NXT Women’s Division. She is interrupted by Cameron, who talks abput how she is a main roster diva and better than Bayley. Bayley offers Cameron a match which leads to…..

– Bayley def. Cameron. Decent match. Bayley is always solid and the difference in skill level was plain to see. Cameron was okay in some parts and a little lost in others. Cameron has been back at the Performance Center recently, so hopefully she can improve with experience. As of right now, she’s a work in progress.

– Levis Valenzuela Jr. def. Elias Samson. Samson played a short song before the match, putting Cocoa Beach down. Pretty basic match, but fun nonetheless. 

– Gionna Daddio and Aaliyah (the former Jasmin Areebi, although I don’t know if this is the correct spelling of her new name) came out for a promo. They put over the former women on the roster like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks. They also talked about being the youngest divas on the roster. They were interrupted by Emma and Eva Marie. Emma talks about how she started the Divas Revolution and Eva talked about being the star of Total Divas. They attacked Gionna and Aaliyah with Emma locking Aaliyah in the Emma Lock until refs broke it up.

– Jason Jordan and Chad Gable def. Blake and Murphy w/Alexa Bliss. Fun match. Blake and Murphy were bumping all over the place and Jordan and Gable are just so good. Really good stuff.

– Apollo Crews def. Baron Corbin. Another really good match and Corbin is really coming into his own. He controlled most of the match until Apollo made the comeback. Crews using that powerbomb finisher on Corbin is impressive.

– The Vaudevillains def. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles. Another really good match. Dash and Dawson are just so good in the ring. These guys could have an awesome title match on NXT tv.

– Solomon Crowe def. Hugo Knox. Crowe is sporting a new look with a partially shaved head and eye makeup. Match was ok, but the ending was weird. Knox went for his split legged moonsault finisher but completely missed on the landing. He went for a pin, Crowe kept kicking out and the ref kept counting until 2. Knox went to the top, was knocked off, and Crowe locked on the Crowebar for the win.

– Gionna stormed back out to the ring and demanded Emma and Eva come back out and fight. Eva and Emma came out and confronted her, but Gionna revealed she had a partner. Out came Asuka and a match ensued.

– Gionna Daddio and Asuka def. Eva Marie and Emma. Decent match. It dragged a little in the middle while Emma and Eva worked Gionna over. Eva looked alright. She looked more natural with her personality tonight,  which is good progress. Gionna eventually made the hot tag to Asuka who started laying into Eva with kicks. Asuka got the upper hand and tagged Gionna in, who hit a top rope cross body block on Eva for the win. Asuka looks like she has no problem adjusting to WWE and fits right in.

– NXT champion Finn Balor def. Tye Dillinger. Before the match, Tye called Dasha over and handed her a sign with a 10 on it. He told her that every time he pointed at her, she needed to hold it up. Early on, with Tye having the advantage he would point over to Dasha and she would reluctantly do it. Once Finn got the advantage, she did it more enthusiastically along with the rest of the production crew and the merchandise team, who all held up their own home made 10 signs. The match itself was fine, albeit a little short. Tye worked the knee until Finn got the upper hand and hit the Coup de Grace.


– Crews were still filming for the Breaking Ground series at the event. I was told that the show on Saturday at the Orlando Armory will be the last day of shooting, at events at least.

– Sam Roberts and Scott Hall were both in attendance. 

– Meet and greet before the show was: Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder, and Peyton Royce.